We have completed the @Backstage_Cap LA accelerator. We are a Headliner. We graduated! Our next steps are planned. We plan to keep you updated on our progress. Thank you for your support. And yes, we will publish again next week.

https://t.co/nkMnyIHiHA https://t.co/wxAX56fo8d
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We are super thankful to have @GoogleStartups and @BackstageLAX on our side. Thank you! We are stronger because of our backers. The future is bright and our solar technology is has the highest efficiency. We look forward to hearing from you as we revolutionize solar power. https://t.co/EV6IU76kIr
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Google for Startups @GoogleStartups
Out of the box thinker? ✓ Pushes the limit? 💯 It’s safe to say #founder @drgreenpower is a maverick, just like his company. Learn more about his solar energy #startup @solar_via: https://t.co/XnPEfPTkco https://t.co/FyYiTxKbox

Our Culmination Event THIS Thursday night is an event you won't want to miss - sign up here before it's at capacity! https://t.co/J0F50VxzEm

Please enjoy this week's blog on being a "Founding Father". We also reveal a nugget on how we hacked the cost of acquiring customers. We are still coming to grips that we just finished the 12th week of @Backstage_Cap Accelerator LA's cohort.


We met with an investor last week and were asked about CAC amongst other things. In the conversation, we realized that we've hacked our CAC into a profit center. Of course being hardware B2B made it easier but "hardware is hard", right? Loving our journey! https://t.co/nm60qAy15Y