Optimal is the maker of the highest efficiency solar module. We provide the lowest cost of energy at the smallest footprint. Our design and approach converts more than 2X the energy of traditional panels. We have integrated the best of known tech by re-imagining solar panels. https://t.co/JxjsCOsVMy solar_via photo

Optimal Solar's founder @drgreenpower shares his story on becoming a BLERD and celebrates the role of his mother in doing so. After eight weeks, we are more sure of our future and are thankful to his Mother and to our alma maters (listed below).


Half way through @BackstageLAX Acclerator ✊🏾

Reflecting on our Corporate Brand Image and what that means customer facing. We are inviting facility and procurement managers, as well as DIY aficionados to join the Optimal community.

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backstagelax really know how to kick it! @ Playa Vista, California https://t.co/HxaFtgsFbT

The case for solar is clear, even more so for businesses. Optimal solar's case for solar is clearer yet still. We hope that in 2020, we can show you better than we can tell you.
#EndingEnergyPoverty https://t.co/C4crXYuOIV

Happy to share Rick from https://t.co/t1nZovYYvg's podcast of Reginald Parker. Rick did a fantastic job curating the conversation. We hope that there are enough gems for our viewers.

Many thanks to Backstage Capital for... https://t.co/gFmCH3BwWa