Our Story


Optimal Solar is the exclusive provider of the highest efficiency solar module in the world, VIA(TM). Over seven years of R&D has gone into VIA™.

VIA™ delivers the lowest cost of energy of solar module systems.

Meet the Team

Dr. Reginald Parker

Founder & CEO

Dr. Parker has 20+ years of experience in consulting and technology commercialization. Also, he has 10+ years of entrepreneurship experience in the solar, engineering and commodities

Dr. Aquanette Burt

VP of Commercialization

Dr. Burt has 20+ years of experience leading technical teams as well as building and designing assays, equipment, and materials for start-ups.

Ken Pulliam

VP Strategy & Finance

Ken has 20+ years of multi-industry experience including over 10 years in energy. He has experience in driving strategic initiatives and growth as well as M&A, strategy, operations and corporate development.

Dr. Ibrahim Braimah

VP of International Sales

Dr. Braimah has 15+ years of experience as an entrepreneur and engineer with experience in imports and exports. He is adept in logistics, relationship management, and operations.